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How you can contribute to Cochrane Hypertension:

  • Author a systematic review
  • Provide translation of papers published in languages other than English
  • Notify us of any unpublished randomized controlled trials in hypertension
  • Carry out handsearching of journals (that are either published in a language other than English or that are not indexed in MEDLINE)
  • Notify us of relevant conference proceedings that are available of which we may not be aware
  • Help us find the evidence by screening for Cochrane Crowd (details below)


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Cochrane Crowd: Help us find trials!

Join Cochrane Crowd ( today and help Cochrane to identify reports of randomised trials.

No experience necessary. It’s great way to get involved with Cochrane work.

You can also work on records that are of interest to you. Just complete the very brief, interactive training, and then you can add keywords of interest (e.g. xxxx) in your Settings.

It's fun and it's really helping us to find the trials we need in order to be able to answer important questions about a treatment's effectiveness.

Cochrane Crowd - helping Cochrane to find the evidence!

Simply go to and sign up.

If you have any questions or queries about Cochrane Crowd, don’t hesitate to contact us at


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