Librarian search methods support for your review

Cochrane Hypertension review authors receive comprehensive database searching services by the Group’s Cochrane Information Specialist/Librarian (CIS). This service includes:

  • Development of search methods for the protocol in collaboration with the author team, including selection of appropriate sources to search and preparation of the base (Ovid MEDLINE) database strategy to be included in the Appendix of the Protocol. The initial search strategy is constructed using MeSH (subject heading) and free text (title, abstract) terms based on the population and intervention inclusion criteria as described in the Protocol combined with (where applicable) the Cochrane RCT filter as described in the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions. Free text terms include spelling variants and synonyms to support the goal of capturing all relevant records in the core databases;
  • Provision of advice on additional steps for authors to take to supplement the search results provided by the CIS and ensure compliance with MECIR standards;
  • Assistance with writing the Search Methods section of the Protocol;
  • Translation of the base search strategy into additional core databases (Ovid Embase, Hypertension Specialised Register, Cochrane CENTRAL,, and the WHO International Clinical Trials Registry Platform) using the appropriate syntax as applicable. Where appropriate and feasible, additional database searches may be designed by the CIS;
  • Upon approval for publication of the Protocol:
    • Execution of the core database searches;
    • Delivery of de-duplicated search results;
    • Provision of a search record, including full search strategies for each database for insertion in an Appendix of the Review, as well additional information needed to report the search results in the Search Methods, Abstract, and Results sections of the Review;
  • Where necessary, re-running searches prior to Review publication to ensure compliance with MECIR standards;
  • Maintenance and ongoing development of an extensive Specialised Register (SR-HTN) to support the production of Cochrane Hypertension reviews. Potential new controlled trials for inclusion in SR-HTN and CENTRAL are primarily but not exclusively identified through:
    • Weekly searches of Ovid MEDLINE and Ovid Embase;
    • Monthly searches of CENTRAL;
    • Yearly or semi-annual searches of additional databases including but not limited to: Web of Science, ProQuest Dissertations & Theses, EBSCO PsycINFO, Bireme LILACS (Latin American and Caribbean Health Science Information database), SPORTDiscus, the Physiotherapy Evidence Database (PEDro), EBSCO Eric (Education Resources Information Center), CAB Abstracts & Global Health, OpenDissertations, KCI – Korean Citation Database, as well as non-systematic searches of Google Scholar. These additional searches enable us to reduce the number of databases needed to search for individual reviews on most topics falling within the scope of our Group.