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The Hypertension Review Group is committed to help people make well-informed decisions about healthcare by preparing, maintaining and promoting accessibility of systematic reviews of the effects of healthcare interventions for the prevention and treatment of hypertension. Please use the search tool on the left to search through The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews for a topic that concerns you. Look for the short, easy-to-read 'synopsis' included with each Cochrane review and which should give you an 'at-a-glance' idea of what is known about that particular topic.

People with consumer perspectives play an integral and unique role in many
aspects of The Cochrane Collaboration.  Their perspectives will particularly

  1. Definition of the full range of benefits and problems of health interventions.
  2. The ready accessibility and ease of understanding of Cochrane reviews for a wide range of readers.
  3. Consumers' organizations can play an important part in promoting the use of Cochrane reviews within the community and by health service providers, to the benefit of consumers, health care services, and The Cochrane Collaboration alike.

The Cochrane Hypertension Review Group aims to develop consumer input.  This may take several forms, such as membership of the editorial team, review of protocols/full reviews, authorship of reviews, dissemination of reviews to consumer groups, sub-editing reviews into English understandable by consumers, handsearching, fund raising, etc.  We also liaise with the Cochrane Consumer Network in order to identify the best ways for consumers to contribute to the review process.

Cochrane Consumer Network
The Cochrane Consumer Network is made up of fellow consumers who are committed to the philosophies of The Cochrane Collaboration and the importance of consumer participation in informed healthcare decision-making processes. The Consumer Network was registered with The Cochrane Collaboration in October 1995.  It aims to support and enhance consumer involvement within The Cochrane Collaboration's range of activities. The Consumer Network can link you with people who share your interests and connect you to the Cochrane groups that work in the areas of health care that concern you most.
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