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Cochrane Hypertension is one of more than 50 review groups within Cochrane, an international organisation providing up-to-date information about the effects of health care interventions. We are committed to helping people make well-informed decisions about the prevention and treatment of hypertension by preparing, maintaining and promoting the accessibility of systematic reviews of the effects of healthcare interventions for hypertension.

Our scope includes randomized controlled trials (RCTs) of interventions evaluating blood pressure and clinical outcomes for the prevention and treatment of essential hypertension. Hypertension during pregnancy falls under the auspices of Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth.

Editorial team

Our group has over 600 authors and more than 100 peer reviewers in over 40 countries on six continents.


  • James (Jim) M Wright (Canada)
  • José Arguedas (Costa Rica) 
  • Ken Bassett (Canada)
  • Jenny MH Chen (Canada)
  • Juan Erviti (Spain)
  • Javier Garjón (Spain)
  • Francois Gueyffier (France)
  • Balraj (Benji) Heran (Canada)
  • Carole Lunny (Canada)
  • Vijaya Musini (Canada)
  • Marco Perez (Mexico/Canada)
  • Lorri Puil (Canada)
  • Luis Carlos Saiz (Spain)
  • Gavin Wong (Canada)

Co-ordinating Editor
James (Jim) M Wright (Canada)

Managing Editor
Ciprian Jauca (Canada)

Information Specialist & Assistant Managing Editor
Douglas M Salzwedel (Canada)

Criticism Editor
Ken Bassett (Canada)

Statistical Editor
Colin Dormuth (Canada)

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External Sources of Support

Internal Sources of Support

Potential Conflict of Interest

No conflict of interest between the group as a whole and any other entity is known. As far as individual reviewers are concerned, Cochrane Hypertension's policy is to encourage individuals to declare any potential conflict of interest, financial or otherwise, that may be perceived as such by others. Editors wishing to carry out a review are found an alternative editor for that review. Reviewers who participated in the primary research under review are asked to state this in the text of the review, and in the conflict of interest section.

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Contact Us

Cochrane Hypertension
University of British Columbia
2176 Health Sciences Mall
Vancouver, BC
V6T 1Z3

Tel: 1.604.822.0700
Fax: 1.604.822.0701

Email:       cochrane@ti.ubc.ca
Twitter:     @CochraneHTN

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