Global Evidence Summit - Highlights

More than 1300 people from 75 countries gathered together for the first ever Global Evidence Summit.

The Global Evidence Summit was the first time that CochraneThe Campbell CollaborationGuidelines International NetworkInternational Society for Evidence-based Health Care, and Joanna Briggs Institute have joined forces to create this premiere event in evidence-based policy.

The theme of the Summit was ‘Using evidence. Improving lives’ and aimed to advance the use of reliable research evidence in addressing some of the world’s most serious health and social challenges. Attendees from across the world were exposed to an illuminating line-up of content and world-class speakers and facilitators that intrigued and engaged wide audiences. We were also treated to an astonishing array of social events and entertainment including talented performers from the Drum Café, gumboot dancing and the Marimba band . Here are just a few highlights from the week that was, The Global Evidence Summit 13 – 17th September 2017.


  1. Listen to 'How does science help us?' the radio interview by the COSAT/Childrens Radio Foundation made at the Summit:
  2. Great Storify wrap-up of the Summit: A social media story, storified by Jo Thompson Coon
  3. Taryn Young, part of the Global Organizing Committee, ran networking sessions between senior health researchers and students, read the short report
  4. Quote from Centre Director, Malgorzata Bala from Cochrane Poland: “From my point of view (as guideline process is starting to be more organized in Poland) such a meeting was a great opportunity to meet people who develop and use systematic review for clinical guidelines or as a part of another organisation. I had a chance to meet people from Czech Republic who are Joanna Briggs Excellence Centre and we may be able to engage in future collaboration (this centre is a few hours drive from Krakow). Although the meeting of Directors itself was very short as were other Cochrane meetings, in this case I think the value of the meeting was very much in possibilities to exchange ideas and experience with people from outside of Cochrane."
  5. Wrap-up blog from the PenCLAHRC Evidence Synthesis Team (EST), UK:
  6. Blog on Plenary 4 from Heidi Gardner, PhD student, UK:
  7. Cochrane Africa – was launched: also:
  8. Cochrane Croatia celebrate the Summit:
  9. Student reporters from the Cape Town’s Children’s Radio Foundation interviewed the leading plenary speakers on the topic of evidence in a post-truth world.
  10. Great summary blog of the Summit from Cochrane Australia's Shauna Hurley:
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  13. Blog from PhD student, Roxanne Keynejad:
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